How to Find a Place to Live with a Checklist, List of Sites, & Unconventional Living

How to find a place to live - livingLet’s talk about the art of adulting. Our focus is how to find a place using the tools available to all of us. As a child, young adult, middle-aged adult, or elderly adult, the basic necessities of life are food, water, and shelter. Meeting these essential requirements of life means if you have the disposable income you can now spend your resources on fun adventures.

For some, adulting was a responsibility learned at a young age, but for others it became a responsibility learned later in life. I urge the role models of today to teach and nurture our children of the future to learn responsibility, because without responsibility comes a lack of self worth, confidence, and the understanding of the world around us.

So, take a deep breath and go through your checklist of all you need to start renting!

  • Budget helps you identify your income and expenses to know the amount you can spend on your shelter. Personally, I used Mint when I began to budget. Know your numbers.  Link<;, Accessed 07/07/2017
  • Location can make or break your gas budget or transportation travel time whether on a bus, tram, or light rail. Your commute is the time you spend travelling, which can dictate the amount of time you have at home to unwind and start a new day!
  • Features make a list of finishes and features you are seeking, but remember your budget trumps wants until you have the income to get what you want. Single, independent people might want just a studio with a nightlife close by or a family might want a play room and a big kitchen. These are all preferences and can be compromised if you are on a tight budget, but don’t stop dreaming Big.
  • Walk it meaning schedule a walk through to check out the joint, because Photoshop can be used or the perfect lighting and staging can present the perfect place until you actually see it for yourself to know the true condition of the place. You need to see it in person to decide if the condition of your soon-to-be place is exactly what you want.

*Note: Map out the areas you want to do a walk through and try to schedule it around your time and job schedule. Sometimes your boss might not appreciate your constant absence from work.

  • Applications & Approval are the landlord/building managers’ vetting process to make sure you are a responsible, contributing member of society to make your rent payments on time. Ask the landlord or front desk for a checklist of all you need to rent the place such as, deposit, length of the lease (yearly or month-to-month). income statements, etc.

Now that you have your checklist in check, what do you do now? Well, let’s start looking! I’ve compiled a list of sites that have similarities and differences. I’d rather not detail what each site does, because at this point of your search you just need to do it! All the sites were accessed 07.07.2017.


USA.Gov – is used or affordable housing assistance found at

Craigslist – don’t forget to choose the city you want to live in found at


Apartment Guide – –

RadPad –


Apartment Finder


Unconventional Living

Airbnb – a good choice for month-to-month living, but be willing and ready to move. The link is found at

Work Trade – is the idea of providing a service for the landowner/house owner for a place to stay. It is not common in all cities, but might take a little searching to find a place. Key words: Work Trade Housing, Work Trade ‘Type the State’. A good read ito know what to expect can be found at

Community Housing – a shared living space amongst a few to several people. Sometimes searching for community housing might lead to organizations and companies that are able to help.

Tiny Homes – sometimes the size of a studio and smaller. It can be in the form of a modular home, RV, or fabricated to resemble the tiny homes featured on HGTV. When you consider tiny homes, the biggest obstacle is finding a place to dock your home.

The take-home message I want to leave with you is that there is no one correct way of living. It’s about your preference and what works for you!

Honestly, you can do all the prepping and fine tuning to figure out where you are going to live, but in the end it’s how you make your environment. It’s about perspective! Perspective to see your living situation in a different light by being positive. And, if you absolutely abhor the idea of staying in your place you and only you can make the change. So, buckle on down and strive for what you want!

Remember Life in the Real is about making good life choices and respecting others.


Spread the message,

Rachel Ann




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