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Welcome to my blog, Life in the Real!

I am on this journey called life, and sought out for an outlet to document my experiences. Naturally, I am a curious creature by way of my education as a chemist. Poking at all things and wondering how it works, what it is, why it is, and what can I do with it! Inherently, I am laid back, spiritual, and obnoxiously obsessed with all things nature by way of my childhood growing up on an island. This blog represents my practical, senseless, and exciting adventures in everyday life.

On getting to know someone, it sometimes is best to know three things about a person. The first two I mentioned and the last is my passion for all things oily! While searching for the essence of life, I discovered the Japanese term ikigai (pronounced [ikiɡai]) as described by Wikipedia.  It is a concept that means ‘a reason for being’. I interpreted this further as re-evaluating life every step of the way to find who I am. Within months of asking myself, “Who am I?”, essential oils where introduced to me and I immediately became addicted. Now on this journey with ikigai in mind, why not get oily while doing it?