My home page is more about my homes from childhood to adulthood.

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My heart will always be in Guam. It’s the place where paradise was a few feet away, and family was next door. The village I grew up in was small where one-story concrete pre-fabricated homes would line-up on a grid system. There was a patch of land behind our house where we would play until dinner time. My memories are embedded with the smell of the ocean, the sound of the swaying coconut trees, dogs barking and roosters clucking, and the taste of fiestas. Growing up on Guam was perfect for us to feel the support of our extended families all the way to your 12th cousins, our teachers and coaches, and the rest of our communities. It took a village to raise my siblings and me, and it is that same concept that remains on the island and with islanders around the world. So, if you make friends with an islander be grateful you’ve found a gem!

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My home-away-from-home is here in Colorful Colorado. It’s a place of majestic beauty. I tell people all the time that I traded the vast blue ocean for miles of sky! Colorado became a place where growth and prosperity began for me and my family. This state is where I went to undergraduate and graduate school. It’s the state where I re-connected with my Dad, and two years later he passed away. The place where outdoor adventure became an everyday norm. I call this place home, because it is where I met the love of my life. My supporter, challenger, and best friend my husband.